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Company profile

Established in 2007, Dongguan Yichuan Goldsmithing Machine Co., Ltd, marketing to automatic machine for OEM EMS ODM customer.   

Our factory is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of various automatic production equipments. It applies for a number of invention patents and uses new-style patents every year, and has passed the certification of Chinese national high-tech enterprises and ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification. Machines have passed CE certificate

It has ten thousand level standard production and debugging workshops, including the Automotive Electronics Equipment BU (Business Unit), the Wire Harness Processing Equipment BU, the Electronic Component Tape and Forming Equipment BU, and the Odd Shape Insertion Machine & Customized Machine BU.

The automatic high-speed pin-inserting machine belongs to the automation equipment of the automotive electronics industry, featuring high precision, high efficiency and high intelligence. The device is used to automatically cut the packaged PIN or terminal into a single piece, and then automatically and accurately insert it into the circuit board (PCB) by the cam rotating mechanism to make it has a certain adhesion strength. The operating system is stable and reliable with the fully monitored production process. It can realize online programming, online diagnosis and production data real-time uploading to truly make the equipment production intelligent and flexible.

The Automotive Electronics Equipment BU is mainly used in automotive electronics and car BCM welding-free pin machines, automotive electrical appliances and wire harness safety box insert, stitch, plug-in machines, home appliances and power terminal insert machines, home appliances and digital display pin machines, mobile phone adapter and flat transformer pin machines, etc.

The company's main customers are all well-known companies in the industry.

Nowadays, "Yichuan Machinery" products have been exported to South America, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and are highly praised by customers!

In 2017, another one factory Hubei Yichuan Golden Machinery Co., Ltd. was established and invested 90 million yuan to build “Yichuan” Industrial Park in Tianmen City, Hubei Province. It covers an area of more than 60 mu (about 40,000 m2) and will be put into use in 2020 to serve customers better and increase the company’s production capacity and turnover. Once step forward smoothly, now high up brilliantly!

Company main products:

The non-standard (shaped) plug-in machine
The automotive electronics BCM pin machine
The car insurance seat pin machine
The automobile wire harness fuse box stitching machine
The power supply terminal plug machine
The appliance control board card machine
The PCB rivet machine
The wire stripping machine
The bull peeling and twisting wire tin dipping machine
The peeling and twisting wire terminal machine

The wiring terminal crimping and insert to housing machine  
The automatic horizontal transfer of vertical molding tape packaging machine
The high-speed automatic molding taping machine
The high speed automatic molding machine cut foot
The automatic high-speed molding machine K pin bushing
The automatic inductive machine casing